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Helsinki Samba Carnaval takes place every year in June. In 2023, the event date is June 5-11.

The event has been organized since 1991. The event includes an open and free program for everyone, workshops, celebrations and of course the highlight of the Helsinki summer, the carnival parades! The event is suitable for everyone from babies to adults. 

The event is organized by the Association of Finnish Samba Schools (SSKL) together with the Helsinki Samba Carnaval working group. 

The event gathers up to 40,000 spectators every year and is the biggest carnival event in Finland. In addition to the Finnish audience, the event annually gathers tourists from all over the world. 



I have created different designs for helsinki carnival, logo, flyers, tickets and different merchandise and souvenirs

lipput (2)-1.jpg
Seminfinaali SQF 2020 fuksi.jpg
Jacket_Front_Mockup 2.jpg
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