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Pure waste


Pure waste,  create recycled products and closed-loop solutions to inspire change towards a world without textile waste.


The relaxed and loose unisex Pure Waste T-shirt suits everyone.

The back of the T-shirt shows an Omar Escalante-designed wave print with a sun that also appears on the front side. The round neck is finished with a broad rib, and the hem has an interesting detail: a woven label showing the product’s environmental footprint.

The T-shirt is manufactured from recycled cotton and recycled plastic bottles. We do not dye our products; instead, they get their colours from the raw material they are made from — cotton waste.


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Näyttökuva 2021-3-31 kello 12.58.08.png

Design inspired by raising awareness about recycled materials and taking into consideration the factors that lead to climate change.

Illustrations by Omar Escalante


Divers Alert Network is a group of not-for-profit organizations dedicated to improving diving safety for all divers. It was founded in Durham, North Carolina, United States, in 1980 at Duke University providing 24/7 telephonic hot-line diving medical assistance.

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